Catching a Lift from a Shepherd

04 May

Catching a Lift from a Shepherd

God is at work in Syria
God is actively at work in this world to save those who call upon Him!

Catching a Lift from a Shepherd

An encouraging word about how God is answering desperate cries for help

Dear Family,

I want to share with you a beautiful story told to me recently by friends who work with Syrian refugees.

Last December the area of Idlib, Syria, was brutally bombarded by government forces. Amina and her feeble mother fled along with almost 1 million others to the closed border of Turkey. It is said to be one of the largest humanitarian disasters yet within Syria.

With no shelter or covering, Amina and her mother gave all the money they had to some human smugglers to get them into Turkey and safety. They would have to travel at night, and the way would be dangerous.

Night arrived and a large group of people—including Amina and her fragile mother—gathered to begin the trek. The smuggler led them all very cautiously and quietly toward the Turkish border. After some time, the smuggler told them they would have to run the rest of the way to avoid detection. The smuggler approached Amina’s mom, grabbed her cane, broke it, and said that if she could not run, she would have to stay behind. Amina knew her mom could not run, and asked the man to return their money. They were told the money was already gone.

Left alone, Amina and her mom stood still in terror, crying and wondering what they should do. Suddenly, a very strong man came up behind them, lifted the elderly woman upon his shoulders and carried her across the border to Turkey. While carrying the woman, this man told her his name was Isa.

Later, after arriving in a refugee camp in Turkey, Amina and her mother were visited by a Christian worker who told them the story of her “boss,” who had 100 sheep but went to seek one that had been lost. The woman told them that when he found that sheep, he put it on his shoulders and carried it to safety. Then she told Amina and her mom that the name of her boss was…ISA! (Isa is Arabic for Jesus.)

The old woman cried and told the Christian worker, “I know your boss. He carried me on his shoulders to Turkey.”

I tell you this amazing story to let you know that although we have been surrounded by fear and uncertainty in our own nation, God has not abandoned us, nor His people around the world. Quite the opposite! And He is answering the cries of people who have never sought Him before.

I believe that we will begin to hear of many more stories of miracles of our amazing God in these perilous times. So be encouraged! He is our Father! What Father does not care for His own dear children? Knowing this, let’s share His message with those who are living in fear.

Remember that, as all of us are living in quarantine, the refugees and IDPs that we serve in Lebanon and Syria are as well. And because of your love they are being sustained with food and medicine.

Would you pray with me for God’s protection upon them? And then, let’s watch for the stories of how our Father has answered our prayers—and even brought many more to Him!

Thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Jesus to many refugee families through Heaven’s Family’s Refugee Ministry.

Many Blessings,

Picture of the Director of the Refugee Ministry

Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

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