Catching Up!

Image of Brenda before rescueBrenda when I first met her in 2019—before her rescue

Catching Up!

Elisabeth’s 3rd and final trip blog from Guatemala

Dear Family,

You’d never guess it, but in the above picture, Brenda was not yet rescued. She was participating in a feeding program in Guatemala supported by Heaven’s Family. As our partner organization worked with her, it became apparent that Brenda was being abused. Instead of seeing progress with her, the partner saw that she was continuing to be malnourished, that her hair was falling out, and that the orange tint in what should have been black hair was not going away.

Then abuse was discovered. Our partner knew they had to report the situation to Guatemala’s child welfare agency. They immediately removed Brenda from her home.

Brenda then came to live at a group home, where you are enabling 13 special-needs children to gain an education that would never have been possible for them otherwise. She is now thriving!

Five days a week, Brenda looks forward to going to “school” where the student-teacher ratio is 2 to 1. She’s learning fine motor skills, numbers, letters, animals and colors. All this might seem very insignificant, considering that she is 14 years old. But without your help, she would not have had the chance to improve in any of these areas. School is her favorite time of day. We don’t know what Brenda’s future holds, but she is continually making improvements and growing in intellectual abilities.

Image of Brenda working on fine motor skillsBrenda working on fine motor skills by stringing beads together

Image of Brenda in schoolBrenda loves to make everyone smile and enjoys school so much

Thank you so much for making this happier life a reality for Brenda through Heaven’s Family’s Education Ministry!

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Education Ministry

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