A Precious Opportunity


A New Way to Spell Disaster “Relief”

How do we win others to Christ? That question is continually on our minds at Heaven’s Family, and we use lots of different strategies to reach the hearts of those who don’t know Him yet.

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“Eat Mice and Grasshoppers!”

How desperate would you need to be to change your diet to rodents and insects? The people of Malawi, a small nation in southeast Africa, are now that desperate—even the president of the country said so at a recent press conference, and he recommended the new diet to his starving citizens.

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New and Improved!

It has been a full year since your generous donations went towards providing a new dormitory for the girls at a missionary school in Myanmar—a blessing that also allows the director of the missionary school and his family to move into the dorm previously occupied by the students, saving the rent they had to pay each month for their former home.

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Something Much Better than Cardboard

What could be worse than children living in the streets? No home, no bed, no protection from the elements—and worse, no protection from those who would snatch them in the night to sell them to human traffickers.

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Drinking with the Animals

The next time you turn on your faucet for a glass of water, think about the 976 citizens of a small community in Maasai Mara, Kenya. They currently have two options—walk 4 miles to a contaminated well from which several have been reported to have contracted typhoid, or walk to a small reservoir of muddy water that is also shared by local animals.

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