Grace for the Day [A Disabilities Ministry Blog]


Grace for the Day [A Disabilities Ministry Blog]

Whenever I wander through a foreign land, I try to identify with the stark reality that so many live on a razor's edge, never knowing one day to the next how their needs will be met...if at all. Without total faith in our Lord I easily become paralyzed in heartbreak. I ask for your prayers to direct these emotional floodwaters into the channels of the Lord's will so that I can be His instrument and your servant to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

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Saved by a Crash

Jackson was born into what many in Kenya would consider the "lap of luxury." His father was a wealthy owner of land and a fleet of cars, and when Jackson was old enough he became one of his drivers, earning $20 a day—a very nice sum by local standards. He then married and fathered several children.

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Ending on a High Note [David’s 4th and Final Blog from Myanmar]

In all of the villages that we've visited on this trip, I've yet to see a child with a toy. This is not to say that I haven't seen children playing or having fun. The children we've encountered never lack entertainment, all generated by themselves.

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Skills for Life

You may recall that a few months ago we told you about Deborah Kalulu from Mombasa, Kenya. Deborah was born with spina-bifida, a disability that requires her to use forearm crutches and leg braces to get around. But these mobility issues have not deterred her in the least from her aspirations to become financially independent so that she can support her family.

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Meet Mutebi…

"My heart wrenched within me...and I knew we had to do something." With those words Heaven's Family staff member Jeff Trotter reported what he witnessed on his recent trip to Uganda. "Lying on the floor, little Mutebi's head protruded sideways from a thin curtain that divided his 8' by 8' mud-floored home. His clothing and mattress were soiled with his own excrement, but there was no one else at home. That, I learned later, was a typical day for Mutebi."

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Determined Deborah

Deborah is challenged with a birth defect called spina bifida, which makes her life in Kenya especially difficult. And because of her limited mobility, she has experienced great difficulty finding work to support her family.

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Compassion that Counts

It was a Ugandan mother's worst nightmare: her young child falling into a boiling pot on an open fire. Severe burns have forever scarred Mutaki Ali's body; the memories have forever scarred his mother's heart.

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Upwards to Thulo Sirubari [Jeff’s 3rd Blog from Nepal]

Up, up, up we drove from Kathmandu, winding along steep mountain roads around countless switchback curves—none of which had guard rails—to visit more villages impacted by the earthquake in Nepal. My ears popped many times as the air pressure changed, but I enjoyed the cool, fresh mountain air (except for the many times we got temporarily stuck behind slow-moving trucks or buses belching out black diesel fumes!). I also enjoyed the spectacular views across verdant valleys to the blue-hued mountains in the distance. Words—and even photos—are insufficient to describe the breathtaking beauty.

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Christians with Disabilities Fund

Cursed is a label often branded on disabled children and adults in poor nations. Perhaps even more tragic, it is a label often believed by those with disabilities. Their pain is amplified by cultural ignorance. In India, for example, Hinduism teaches that disabled people are receiving what they deserve for sins committed in a former life. Thus, to do anything to relieve their sufferings only prolongs their "just" misery.

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God’s Grace in Gaza

I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent armed conflict between Israel and Gaza. As is often the case, innocents are either caught in the crossfire or neglected due to strained resources or the evacuation of aid workers. Happily, Heaven’s Family has found a partner currently working among the needy in Gaza, and we’re funding two of their aid workers for a year to help those like “Mohammed,” an 11-year-old boy who has been partially paralyzed since birth.

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