A New Life for Jennifer


The Fight of His Life

Kumar Lama was handed a gun at age 13, when he was forcibly conscripted into an army of Maoist rebels in his home country of Nepal. His communist captors trained him to fight and kill as they sought to overthrow Nepal's long-standing monarchy. When peace finally came to Nepal in 2006, at least 12,000 people had perished in the violence. Kumar's life was spared, and he returned to civilian life, finding work as a carpenter and eventually marrying a girl named Maya Tamang. She gave him a beautiful daughter whom they named Sajina. With his dark past behind him, Kumar looked forward to a brighter future with his young family.

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Compassion for a Captain

The afternoon was hot, and I welcomed a seat in the shade under a tree. I was in Myebon, a riverside town in southwest Myanmar, bringing relief to victims of Cyclone Giri with one of Heaven's Family's Burmese ministry partners, M.B. Thang. We had just helped a widow and her four children with funds that would enable them to rebuild their flattened home, and the rare sighting of a white guy in this remote area attracted about thirty curious neighbors. M.B. and I took advantage of our captivated audience to share the gospel—and they were very hungry to hear about the Lord. I also told them about Jesus' followers from far away who had sent me to help them.

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An Xiang’s New Ride

It was impossible to look at An Xiang (pronounced awn-shy-awng) without feeling pity for him. He was lying on a crude wooden bed in the corner of the room, his arms and legs contorted and atrophied. We had just hiked into his remote village in China's Yunnan Province, up miles of narrow mountain paths, arriving in the darkness. Xiang's room was illuminated by a cooking fire beside his bed, over which a blackened tea pot was suspended. Smoke filled the room. Although Xiang had limited ability to control his arms, legs and facial expressions, he smiled as he looked at us, his unexpected visitors.

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A Discarded Baby

She was just 17 years old, and with each passing day her fears increased. I'll be suspended from school if they find out, she worried to herself. An education was a precious opportunity for someone like her, and she would do anything to keep from losing it. So she did all she could to keep her shameful secret hidden.

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A New Lease for Tharcisse

Tharcisse's parents were an easy target. Unscrupulous traditional "healers"—of whom there are many in Burundi, one of Africa's poorest nations—knew that their medicines would do nothing to heal Tharcisse's atrophied legs. That didn't stop them, however, from promising his desperate parents that they could cure their precious baby—for a price. Full of hope, they sold their only asset—a small plot of farmland—to pay for his costly treatments. When that money was exhausted, their infant son was no better.

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