Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

Following Fuego's volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Volcanic Crisis in Guatemala

As of this writing, 75 are dead and 200 are missing. Unlike the Hawaiian eruption, its Guatemalan cousin's has been explosive, pouring millions of tons of ash into the air and onto surrounding communities, many of which are extremely poor.

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Women in Laos with rice bags

A Win-Win-Win for the Gospel

If you read Part One of my report about our disaster response in the Southeast Asian country of Laos, you learned how a small, localized natural disaster swept away an entire year’s worth of recently-harvested rice in one night. Now I want to tell you the rest of the story…

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Villagers from Nakhaeng Village, Laos

The Little Disaster that Could

Much of the world doesn't have insurance, either because it doesn't exist in that country or because it's much too expensive for folks who just hope to have enough food for their family that day. They depend on the Lord and compassion of others when disaster strikes, even relatively small ones.

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man weeping with dog after devastation of hurricane harvey

Hitting Back at Harvey

Does anyone remember Hurricane Harvey? Irma and Maria have done a good job upstaging him, but for the folks whose lives were turned upside down in the region of Houston, Texas, where the storm deluged some areas—only one month ago—with over 50 inches of rain (Noah would sit up and take notice at that one, I think), the road ahead still looks pretty bleak.

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image of man carrying mother and baby, flood victims of hurricane harvey

An Unprecedented Disaster

We've all watched the suffering of thousands as Hurricane Harvey mercilessly pounded Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, feeling painfully helpless to do anything about it. This was an unprecedented disaster in many ways.

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refugee man weeping with family in boat

A Disaster within a Disaster

"My children are crying for food. I am helpless. I have no money. There's no hope…" lamented Setara Begum, a Rohingya refugee and mother of two, one of whom is just 5 months old. Such desperation is now being felt by thousands of Rohingya refugees impacted by Cyclone Mora, which struck Bangladesh 3 weeks ago.

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Pictures of Cubans who received aid from Heaven's Family after Hurricane Matthew

“You were the only ones who helped us”

"This is all our government gave us," one elderly woman said to me, while pointing to a single corrugated roofing panel measuring about 3-feet wide by 6-feet long. She was referring to the government of Cuba's response to the destruction of her home by Hurricane Matthew last October. I had a hard time believing her story, until, that is, I heard it repeated by so many others I met this week.

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Picture of Margaret, a widow in Haiti whom Heaven's Family helped

Picking Up After Matthew

Every leaf from every tree and shrub was stripped away—it looked like the work of a massive fire or bomb. Each day during my visit this month I'm hearing similar chilling descriptions from those who survived the 145-mph onslaught of Hurricane Matthew last fall in Haiti. Corrugated metal sheeting, flimsily tacked on poor, shack-like homes for roofing and sometimes walls, became razor-sharp projectiles that wounded and maimed those who couldn't find adequate shelter in time. About 1,000 died, estimates say, but no one knows how many were wounded.

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Disaster Relief Ministry

“Apocalyptic,” was how one local, a former prime minister of Haiti, described the devastation wrought by Hurricane Matthew last October. Thousands of cobbled-together homes of the poor went up against 145 mph winds and lost—roofs were blown off cement-block homes; most other homes simply disappeared.

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