Much is said in the news lately about the drought in California, but not much is reported about the devastating floods now inundating southern Asia. Our partners in Myanmar, a poor nation into which Heaven's Family has heavily invested for many years through orphanages and a multitude of other projects, have been reporting to us and sending photos of the devastation. Here are a few...

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Nepal Quake Update

During our response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal last April, I was very excited to see how God directed us to link arms with other organizations to improve our impact in that hurting country. In all, your donations have enabled us to join collaboratively with more than 30 organizations that are all working to build the kingdom of God in Nepal!

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Walls Coming Down [Jeff’s 2nd Blog from Nepal]

Disaster = Opportunity. Disasters are always unwelcome due to the acute suffering they cause, but they can also open many hearts wide to God's message of hope. As followers of Jesus, we must be quick to respond to such opportunities.

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Nightmare in Nepal [Jeff’s 1st Blog from Nepal]

Entire villages destroyed, my contact said in an email to me just days after the April 25th earthquake in Nepal. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Two days later I slipped "unseen" into the capital city of Kathmandu—larger organizations, I learned, found themselves mired in bureaucratic red tape at the airport as they tried to get their teams and supplies into the country

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Bound for Nepal

Tomorrow I'm flying to Nepal, the mountainous nation devastated by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake last weekend. I'll be leading a team of trained first responders to meet with our partners in Kathmandu and travel to outlying villages where large aid organizations are not presently working---villages that one of our partners told me have been "fully destroyed," forcing everyone to sleep outside.

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Kathmandu Quake

You have no doubt heard of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered near Kathmandu, Nepal, earlier this weekend. The images are heartbreaking. The death toll has exceeded 2,500 as of this writing, and will no doubt increase substantially as many who are now missing are later found buried under rubble.

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Disaster Relief Fund

Unlike other recent years, 2014 brought no headline-dominating natural disasters in which thousands of people perished. But that is no consolation to a woman in China who lost her child in last year's earthquake, or to a father in Pakistan whose wife disappeared when flood waters washed away their home, or to orphans in India as they huddled together in the dark while a cyclone ripped off the roof of their orphanage. Heaven's Family was there to help those disaster victims, and others.

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African Disaster

These children were orphaned by flooding in Malawi, but a precious saint cares for them in what remains of this house. Africa is plagued with problems, but damaging storms is not usually one of them. So I was surprised when my friend and Heaven's Family coworker Dick Samuels told me that a cyclone struck Malawi this month, causing widespread flooding and damage to homes and crops. Almost 200 are confirmed dead, thousands are still missing, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

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An Unexpected Disaster [Jeff’s 3rd and Final Blog from Cambodia/Philippines]

Where's my mommy? This cry, whether spoken through the tears of a small child, or unmistakably etched on his or her face, is all too common in the chaotic wake of a natural disaster. Families are separated or displaced—sometimes permanently—and such perilous circumstances are, for opportunistic human traffickers, like fishing in a stocked pond.

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