Escape to Salvation!

Picture of Farming God's Way God's Love Group in Rwanda, Africa

Bursting with Blessing

In my previous trip update I shared with you about the trip I just returned from in Africa, where I joined our incredible Farming God’s Way team for vital team building and ministry visits to God’s Love Groups that are transforming their nations one farm at a time. I also shared how, back in 2017, our entire team fully embraced the concept of God’s Love Groups.

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Picture of subsistence farmers in Africa

The Secret Sauce

So often we tell you about farmers being able to feed their families and make a profit utilizing Farming God’s Way methods. But we also want to show you the tremendous impact, both spiritually and practically, of having farmers work together in GLGs (God’s Love Groups).

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Picture of farmers in DR Congo

What? Doing It Wrong?

Imagine with me for a moment that you have been employed and doing a particular job for years. You were taught how to do this job by family members and people you highly respect. You do it just like everyone around you does it. Then one day, some complete stranger walks into your workplace, analyzes the operation, shakes his head in disappointment, and then looks you dead in the eyes and says, “You’re doing it wrong.”

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Picture of inmates at prison in Kenya

Growing Farmers from Inmates

I’d never expected to be preaching in a prison all the way in Africa, but there I was, telling a bunch of incarcerated kids about my story, and how Jesus rescued me. But what does Farming God’s Way have to do with those in prison?

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