Farming God’s Way Ministry


Farming God’s Way Ministry

Joseph Maravanyika pastors a small church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. But he finds that his greatest ministry occurs outdoors during the day, teaching people how to farm successfully, and indoors at night, teaching those same subsistence farmers about Jesus and how to rely on the local body of Christ for support that helps lead to success.

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Replanting a Flooded Faith

God may love others, but He surely doesn't love me or my children, thought Juliyasi, an impoverished widow from rural Malawi trying to support her 6 children by growing maize. Juliyasi's husband died 3 years ago, but she finally felt that hope had sprouted in her life, just like the maize crop she'd recently planted with the new Farming God's Way principles we taught her. Maybe now I really can earn enough to support my family, she dared to believe.

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A Half-Acre for Nine

Widowed and then abandoned by several partners, Gloria Joseph is a single mother with eight children. She has long known the pain of poverty, hunger and despair. Gloria farms a half-acre plot and does whatever she can to survive in her remote home village in Malawi.

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A Desperate Reboot

Last February many of our friends in Malawi lost their maize (corn) crops and homes when a cyclone caused devastating floods—the worst in the recorded history of this East African nation. Working together with Jeff Trotter, my good friend and coworker who directs the Disaster Relief Fund, Heaven's Family sent emergency supplies to meet their pressing needs.

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African Disaster

These children were orphaned by flooding in Malawi, but a precious saint cares for them in what remains of this house. Africa is plagued with problems, but damaging storms is not usually one of them. So I was surprised when my friend and Heaven's Family coworker Dick Samuels told me that a cyclone struck Malawi this month, causing widespread flooding and damage to homes and crops. Almost 200 are confirmed dead, thousands are still missing, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

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Greener on THIS side of the fence

Here is a progress report on a new Farming God's Way (FGW) project near Mutare, Zimbabwe in which 19 poor subsistence farmers are participating. They received FGW training in October and planted their maize (corn) fields using their new knowledge and skills.

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Miracle Maize Multiplication

You don't need a master's degree in mathematics to figure out that the maize of some farmers is multiplying in Malawi. Some fields that previously yielded 7 sacks of maize (what we refer to as corn) are now yielding 70 sacks—a ten-fold increase!

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