Rice & A Blanket


Rice & A Blanket

We receive a continual stream of photos from our partners around the world as they inform us of pressing needs that are being met through funds we've entrusted to them. We always request that they send us photos of smiling beneficiaries, but coaxing smiles is not always easy or appropriate, and we sometimes receive poignant portraits like this one. When we read the stories behind such portraits, it causes us to pause and pray. Here's the story behind this photo....

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The Sewage Shack Redemption

"Mrs. Velazquez, I regret to inform you that you have breast cancer." Her doctor's grim words may well have sounded bittersweet to Leonila Velazquez, as she contemplated a diagnosis that could signal an end to her life, a life that had been filled with tragedy.

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Dancing with God’s Stars

Today was our sixth day in Kenya. Yesterday, half of us flew north to the town of Lodwar, which sits in the heart of an area populated by Turkana tribespeople. Their region is generally arid, but it hasn't rained here in eight months, so living conditions are even more challenging than normal. The Turkana survive as small-scale goat and camel herders, and their livestock is dying. Water has become so scarce that women are walking ten or more miles to a polluted river to carry back a dirty drink for their families.

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“We Thought We Would All Starve”

All five Kenyan women held three things in common: All were young believers in Jesus; all discovered that they were HIV-positive; all had been infected by their own husbands. Priscah, who operated a nursery school, became too weak physically to care for children, including her own. She had to close her nursery school. A friend, and then eventually her mother, took in her children...

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One Less Beggar

John Ntahomvukiye didn't ask to be born with two crippled legs, but he was. Living in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, his handicap consigned him to one occupation—begging on the street. There weren't any other options, and John cherished no hopes for anything better. Thankfully, however, God did.

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A Family You’ve Touched in Peru [Food Fund update]

Rony Cuba eating a full meal at the feeding center in Lima In September, we told you about the children’s feeding centers in Peru that […]

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Myanmar Rice Stories

Dear Friends, I want to share some very recent testimonies I have received from Khamh, our very good friend in Myanmar. The Heaven’s Family Food Fund is […]

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