Bandana Party!


Bandana Party!

We felt such joy meeting some of the young girls rescued from slavery (a culturally-accepted, centuries-old practice known as restavek) in Haiti during our visit last January. We are also delighted that Lynne, one of our team members on that trip who happens to be a local friend, continues to stay involved with the girls.

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A Rocky Future

I first met Rocky a couple years ago while visiting a ministry called Hope House in the slums of Cebu City, Philippines. Not many boys come to the Bible studies or church services held at Hope House (reflecting the tendency for adult men to avoid any such activities), so Rocky's warm smile and charm has stood out each time I've visited.

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Wings Needed

It's not easy to change the way we think, or how we respond to the conditioning we've received since childhood. The photo above, taken at the entrance of one of the thousands of beer gardens and karaoke halls that operate throughout Southeast Asia, may spur several thoughts—but many of them might be wrong.

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Sex for Food

The Food Fund helps people who are desperate. Desperation can creep stealthily in, such as during a prolonged drought, come crashing in as a result of a flood, earthquake, typhoon or war, or infect generations due to endemic poverty. It also comes at the hands of evil men and women who steal the innocence of children to profit from their bodies in the modern, worldwide slave market for sex and labor.

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You’ve Got (Encouraging) Mail

Dealing every day with the ugly realities of human trafficking and slavery depresses us at times. We struggle with protecting our minds while at the same time maintaining soft hearts that weep with the multitudes who are bought, sold and abused. And we often find ourselves crying out to the Lord with such words as, Why do you allow this God? Our hearts felt especially heavy as we told you last time about the secret war that rages for the lives of a generation.

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The Secret War

It sounds like something from a spy novel. Secret plans, getaway vehicles, corrupt bureaucracy, kidnapping and, of course, plenty of bad guys. But this is not fiction. This tragic story is being played out now, as I write this, in an undisclosed country. The enemies are depraved human beings eager to line greedy pockets, and "an entrenched, corrupt system—one that profits from the sale of its innocent, most vulnerable citizens to prop up an ailing economy" on one hand, and poverty, desperation, hunger and extremely broken, dysfunctional families on the other.

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Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund

Rescue the perishing, the Bible says. You who gave out of the compassion of your hearts to the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund in 2014 followed Jesus' heart—you've helped protect many children and young women from those who wish to profit from their bodies, and you've helped rescue and restore those already trapped. Let us tell you how.

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Bed Bus to Poipet [Jeff’s 2nd Blog from Cambodia/Philippines]

I had never heard of a "bed bus" until I boarded one bound for Poipet, a small city on Cambodia's border with Thailand. After squeezing down an aisle that thin people have to walk sideways to fit through—two tiers of beds down each side—I soon discovered that the bunks were double-occupancy, meaning I had to share the last remaining 3.5-foot-wide by 5-foot-long bunk, all the way in the back of the bus, with another person for the 9-hour ride through the dark, bumpy night.

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