Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry


A Beautiful Land that Sells its Children

The Philippines is a nation made up of more than 7,000 beautiful tropical islands swimming in the emerald seas of the South Pacific. Its people are often judged among the most beautiful in the world. But it’s also a land scarred by crushing poverty, spiritual darkness and, as a result, a low value is placed on human life—especially the lives of innocent children.

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Freedom for Samuel

Life is cheap in the 'wild west' border town of Poipet, a city in western Cambodia perched on the border with Thailand. Because it is a hub for tourists wishing to gamble in the city's multiple casinos, sin and spiritual darkness abound. That also means innocent lives are trafficked into the sex industry that thrives here.

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A Beautiful Place with a Terrible Secret

"They had no women," Mark told me and my wife Karin, to our disbelief. "Majuwa Village was so poor they sold their women and children to sex traffickers," he explained further. As directors of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry, Karin and I were learning much about how young women become victims here in Nepal, a small Asian nation sandwiched between India and China.

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Karin’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words [A Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry Mini-Update]

In January, each of Heaven's Family's 21 Focused Ministry Directors gave a short, 10-minute presentation about their accomplishments in 2015 and their upcoming goals for 2016. We're excited about what the Lord has done, and what He has in store for the remainder of this year!

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