Education is Everything

Picture of cute student at Jocada Academy

Education is Everything

Most Kenyan parents know that the only hope that their children have of escaping poverty is through an education. So parents who live in Nairobi's most squalid slums—that are unimaginable by Western standards—go to work every day on the outside, working at the lowest-paying jobs in order to earn enough for their children to attend school.

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The Miracle of a Born-Again Mzungu

Pastor and prison minister Deogratias Gashagaza is known in Rwanda as a type of Mother Teresa figure. God has used him, perhaps more than anyone else, to bring reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis since the 1994 genocide during which at least 800,000 Tutsis (and moderate Hutus) were massacred by rampaging Hutus. Pastor Deo lost 45 members of his own family.

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Congolese Steeler Fans

I'm tagging along in East Africa with three of Heaven's Family's finest: my wife, Becky, who directs our Refugee Ministry, Diane Scott, who directs our Safe Water Ministry and Food Ministry, and Mel Miller, who has recently joined our staff after retiring as a career pilot for American Airlines. Mel is being trained to take over directorship of the Refugee Ministry as it has exceeded Becky's time capacity.

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One of Jesus’ People Who Wasn’t Happy to See Me

In my last blog, I told you the story of how American Joseph Zanetti began serving the Badjao people who live in a section of the Isla Verde slum on the Philippine coast of Davao City. It was the Badjao who first built their stilted huts, decades ago, over waters that were then teeming with tropical fish.

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An American “Christian” Finds Jesus

In August of 1983, at the age of 15, Joseph Zanetti walked forward during an evangelistic crusade in his hometown in North Carolina and "invited Jesus into his heart." The trouble was, although what Joseph did was common in the Bible Belt, it was foreign to the Bible.

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Today I Tricked My Translator

I am now on the Philippine's most southern significant island, Mindanao, and Heaven's Family's primary contacts here are American missionary Gary Hawkins and his Filipina wife, Lyn. Gary has been serving in the Philippines for 4 years, but I've known him since 2008.

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A Village Story

When you start asking missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick about the many children who live at "The Village," be prepared to be shocked by some of their stories. The abuse that some of them have suffered before coming to the Village is almost beyond imagination.

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Mudslide Setbacks

Greetings from Puebla State in Central Mexico, where Heaven's Family has been partnered for years with amazing missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick. I've been with them numerous times over those years, visiting the many churches they've planted among poor descendants of Mexico's original Aztec people and meeting the "least of these" whom they serve. That includes orphans, sexually-exploited children whom they've rescued and raised, widows, the handicapped, and recovering drug addicts.

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All Muslims Believe in Jesus [David’s 4th and Final Blog from the Arabian Peninsula / Horn of Africa]

It's true. All Muslims do believe in Jesus, if they are true Muslims who believe the Quran, which contains 93 verses that refer to Jesus.

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