Wedding Bells Ring!


Wedding Bells Ring!

I always love visiting the children each time I travel to India! As I look into their faces—each one sponsored so they can attend a private Christian school because, as the offspring of parents with leprosy, they are ostracized at public schools—I'm filled with joy knowing that we are giving them a future they would otherwise never know.

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A Warm Celebration!

Recently Pastor Paul Fang and his wife, Lisa, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in the same way they began both their courtship and their marriage: by sharing it with the leprosy-afflicted patients who reside at East Gate Leprosy Colony. That's because they've come to love these saints as members of their own extended family, not clients of their "ministry" or "job."

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Carole’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words [A Leprosy Ministry Mini-Update]

In January, each of Heaven's Family's 21 Focused Ministry Directors gave a short, 10-minute presentation about their accomplishments in 2015 and their upcoming goals for 2016. We're excited about what the Lord has done, and what He has in store for the remainder of this year!

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Leprosy Ministry

Leprosy. It is a word that holds a different meaning for different people. For most, it's the "unclean" disease of the Bible. For others, it's a modern-day curse that slowly destroys the bodies of its victims, as well as the futures of their families. That word represents the enduring stigma carried by leprosy communities—warning others that they are about to enter a "pariah" area.

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The Ingredients for Success

I first met Boaz and Murali on my trip to India for the Leprosy Ministry in 2012. I had come to meet the students we had begun sponsoring for school the year before, and we were eager to start our first Vacation Bible School for about 100 children, some of whom were from a nearby orphanage. Boaz was one of the praise and worship leaders, playing some "mean" drums, and Murali was right at my side directing the activities for the rambunctious kids. We had a spirited time, and these two fine young men became my faithful program directors every year since, including last November.

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An Unbroken Faith

A broken arm...for 3 years? I thought incredulously. I'd known Katun for almost 5 years—and even used pictures of her to describe life in the leprosy colonies of Hyderabad, India (there she is smiling in the Leprosy Ministry banner at top)—but never noticed her arm was broken! (She had a way of hiding it from visitors.)

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Five Years of Loving

Last month in India I took part in a wonderful collaboration between Heaven's Family, Hope for Hansen's and Chamberlain College of Nurses—all for the purpose of pouring out God's love and compassion to leprosy victims in 20 colonies spread throughout Hyderabad and New Delhi, India.

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A Home for the Homeless [Carole’s Leprosy Ministry Blog from India]

After arriving in Hyderabad, India, this month, our Heaven's Family team, which included gifted wound care nurse Cindy Ellman, joined forces with a team from Hope for Hansen's and 40+ nurses and doctors from Chamberlain School of Nursing to begin two weeks of ministry to the needs of leprosy patients.

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Abigail’s Ambition

A teacher couldn't hope for a better student. Excited to learn, eager to participate, willing to follow instructions—all those attributes describe Abigail. The only problem is she's just 3 years old, and therefore not old enough to attend school.

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Dusty Dreams

As our team slowly ascended the dirt paths winding up the hillsides above Dhulikhel, Nepal, last March, we had no idea this scene of pastoral tranquility would be ruptured by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake the very next month.

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