On the Mountain of God


Plan B

"Who is Jesus?" "Is He greater than Buddha? "Why did He die?" Those questions were like music to the ears of the two young missionaries. They were so happy that they didn't give up. Plan B was working. Lydia and Nwe Hnin Mee are recent graduates of a missionary training center founded by one of Heaven's Family's national missionaries in Myanmar. Upon graduation, the two girls bravely relocated to a small village named Ho Khe, in the heart of a region that is caught in Shan State's long-standing rebel war. With typical new-graduate zeal, Lydia and Nwe Hnin were excited about sharing the gospel with the 40 families of Ho Khe.

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Reconciled Rider

How could a father treat his own children that way? I wondered in disbelief. As a mother, shock (and anger) rushed through me as I listened to Jackson Muthoni tell me his story as we stood on the sidelines of a soccer field in Wamuini, Kenya. Last year I told you about an entire Kenyan soccer team that turned to Christ after their troublemaking captain, Manu, was transformed by the gospel. That miracle was the result of the ministry of an evangelist named Herbert, who was able to reach the soccer team's village on a bicycle provided by Heaven's Family. Jackson is a member of that soccer team, and he, too, experienced the transforming power of the gospel.

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