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In the Light of Dae

representative picture of Dae in North Korea

In the Light of Dae

Dae regained consciousness to find himself lying on the dirty ground. He could feel warm droplets of blood running down from the cuts and bruises that marred his face. Attempting to rise, he winced at the sharp pain that shot through his body. Every breath felt as if someone was driving a spear into his ribs—which, unbeknownst to him, were indeed broken. Although Dae had felt the fear of being beaten by a pair of strangers, he was not surprised.

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Special Report: Infiltrating North Korea

It’s happening yet again. North Korea’s despotic leader, Kim Jong Un, is breathing threats of annihilation against South Korea and the United States. The media loves reporting this all-too-usual story to audiences anxiously concerned about the risks of nuclear confrontation, because fear generates good ratings, and good ratings generate advertising dollars.

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North Korean Christians holding hands

A Beautiful Death

Michelle held onto Rin’s hand tightly, but her dying friend could no longer reciprocate. There would be no coming back from the clutches of death this time. Michelle’s only comfort was in the knowledge that she was releasing her dear friend into much more capable hands—the hands of her Heavenly Father.

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Returning to Darkness

Far off the busy South Korean streets, our small Heaven's Family team quietly sits opposite Hana, a North Korean escapee who met with us to tell her story. Hana absent-mindedly fidgets with the scarf around her neck as she sits awkwardly, visibly uncomfortable. The scarf is much too warm for this late-spring rendezvous, but very effective for covering her secret—a secret we are about to learn.

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Breaking the Incommunicado

Living in silence. That's what life is like in North Korea. As the rest of the world advances leaps and bounds in communication technology, that silence is becoming increasingly stark. It remains a bit of a mystery how this 'Hermit Kingdom' can continue to severely limit the flow of information across its nonporous borders.

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A Light in the Darkness [Ben’s 3rd Blog from the Korean Peninsula]

Today I stood in front of a hero whose acts of courage most will never know. To hear Nari's story is rare outside of her inner circle. It's a circle of trusted people, and I have only been invited after years of building a relationship with her.

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Prisoner of War [Ben’s 2nd Blog from the Korean Peninsula]

Staring at the half-eaten breakfast sandwich on the table before me, I suddenly lost my appetite. It was my second morning on the ground in Seoul, Korea and our team had just received the news that one of our partners, Mr. L, had been captured. A report from the border indicated that someone fitting Mr. L.'s description had been captured by North Korean secret police and could possibly be facing death.

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