Return to Eden’s Paradise

Therisa with family in Myanmar

A Family for Christmas

Therisa was very excited and immediately said, “Yes!” when her uncle asked if she wanted to come and stay with him and his family during Christmas break. Therisa didn’t like living at the Jehovah Jireh orphanage in Myanmar. She had been living there since she was a toddler. With just a few caregivers responsible for 80 children, Therisa felt under-valued and unloved. Also, the orphanage wasn’t providing sufficient physical care for the children as many of the children had become malnourished.

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picture of child in myanmar with uncle and aunt, after being taken out of orphanage

Radical Love

You love children. That’s probably why you're reading this right now. Well, it’s because of our God-given love for children that the Orphan’s Tear Ministry exists! We believe every child is unique and full of God-given potential, and we strive to protect vulnerable, impoverished children so that they can become all that He has intended for them to be.

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A Season of Firsts

The Orphan's Tear Ministry has always desired to do everything possible to help children who, due to many complex reasons, have been separated from their families and placed in institutional care. Little could we have imagined just a couple years ago what that 'everything' would one day look like!

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Because Every Child is Worth It

You may recall last December when I told you about the process we've started in Myanmar to reintegrate the children from 3 orphanages back to their families or place them with foster families. You may have also asked yourself, "What happens to orphanages once there's no more children living in them?" and, "How does that affect the ministry of Orphan's Tear going forward?"

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