Living a Double Life in North Korea


A Savior Finds His Savior

"So you think you are so brave to kill Aziz because he has become a Christian? Then kill me, because I say that I am a Christian now, too!" With those words, Mohammad, a Pakistani Muslim, divided the group of young Muslim fanatics. His ploy of making the group wonder if he was a Christian, too, sufficiently confused them to allow time for his friend, "Aziz the Blasphemer," to shift to a safer location, saving his life.

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A Monk’s New Master

I hate my parents! The bitter words seethed deep within the heart of Duang Tawjan. How could they choose to leave Buddhism, the faith of our people, for a foreign religion? Although a teenager, Duang had already become a devoted Buddhist monk. When his parents told him that they had converted to Christianity, he felt that he had no choice but to disown them. It wasn't easy, however, especially in light of their efforts to maintain their relationship with him. And they were different people after their conversion. Their changed lives further fueled Duang's doubts about Buddhism, which were already being fed by the hypocrisy he witnessed at the monastery where he lived.

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