Not a Day to Die

Picture of undercover missionary in jungle

Not a Day to Die

Cries of surprise and fear erupted as a mortar struck the jungle floor, close enough make the ground shake. Jamie said a silent prayer, pleading with God for their safety. She managed to choke back her fear. Today is not the day I will die.

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Representative photo of undercover missionary, Nora

Her Reputation Precedes Her

“What was I doing wrong?” As a Pakistani Imam (leader of the local Muslim mosque), Ahmed’s authority rested on his ability to display spiritual power. So why couldn’t he cast out the demon tormenting the daughter of the desperate couple that had sought his help?

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Baptism picture

The Silent Celebration

My church recently held a baptism ceremony for new believers. As soon as those being “dipped” came up out of the water, we all erupted in cheers. It was a powerful moment. A life reborn is worth shouting from the rooftops.

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Picture of Mosque

How To Empty A Mosque

I want to share a very special letter I received from an undercover church planter located in a hostile region of Africa. Matthew (named changed for protection) is supported by Heaven's Family as he risks his life to spread the rescue message of Jesus Christ. I hope his story will encourage you as much as it has encouraged me.

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Man holding phone against North Korean flag

North Korea 911

Kenn looked down at a scrap of weathered paper in his hands for the umpteenth time as he read the blotchy, hand-written text. It read a Chinese phone number. As a citizen of North Korea, Kenn faced a life-long prison sentence if this seemingly insignificant piece of paper was discovered. And yet he’d kept it hidden all these years, as a life preserver of sorts, in case a certain day should ever come along. Today was that day.

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Picture of info-graph - overview of Persecuted Christians Ministry in 2017

Celebrating 2017—A Look Back on What We’ve Accomplished Together

What an incredible year of opportunity it was for me to serve our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ with you! Though there were many challenges, dangers and tears, through it all the Lord never failed to provide and show up when all hope seemed lost.

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representative picture of Dae in North Korea

In the Light of Dae

Dae regained consciousness to find himself lying on the dirty ground. He could feel warm droplets of blood running down from the cuts and bruises that marred his face. Attempting to rise, he winced at the sharp pain that shot through his body. Every breath felt as if someone was driving a spear into his ribs—which, unbeknownst to him, were indeed broken. Although Dae had felt the fear of being beaten by a pair of strangers, he was not surprised.

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Special Report: Infiltrating North Korea

It’s happening yet again. North Korea’s despotic leader, Kim Jong Un, is breathing threats of annihilation against South Korea and the United States. The media loves reporting this all-too-usual story to audiences anxiously concerned about the risks of nuclear confrontation, because fear generates good ratings, and good ratings generate advertising dollars.

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