The Widow Conspiracy

young man with backpack fleeing pakistan

Out of the Fire and Into the Rain

Frightened, Raheel clung tightly to his son Solomon as he and his family hurriedly gathered what few possessions they could carry. As they fled, Solomon watched the only house he'd known shrink in the distance; he wondered if he'd ever set foot inside it again. Raheel's heart ached to see such fear in his family's eyes, but he knew something terrible would happen if they stayed.

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Hostile territory in Burma

The Trek of a Lifetime

Meet Jamie, an on-site Persecuted Christians Ministry partner working along the border of Burma and Thailand. She offers hope to thousands of impoverished refugee families living under the oppression of the Burmese army. Despite the incredible opposition she faces, many people are finding hope in Jesus Christ for the very first time through her efforts.

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North Korean Christians holding hands

A Beautiful Death

Michelle held onto Rin’s hand tightly, but her dying friend could no longer reciprocate. There would be no coming back from the clutches of death this time. Michelle’s only comfort was in the knowledge that she was releasing her dear friend into much more capable hands—the hands of her Heavenly Father.

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I Might Be Stoned to Death

It was now or never! Ezekiel's palms began to sweat as his pulse raced with anticipation. He knew the Lord had just opened up a door for him, and to turn back now would mean he'd be going against everything the Lord had been preparing him for.

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