The Name She Never Heard

Picture of Syrian refugee

The Name She Never Heard

I want you to know that you are helping the Refugee Ministry to bring the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus—and it fills my heart with joy!! I pray the following story warms your heart and fills YOU with joy (names are changed for protection).

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Picture of Amani, a refugee from Sudan

The Dreamer

"But you have no money and you know no one! You must return with us back to Sudan!” Amani’s cousin pleaded. Amani, her cousin and younger brother had been sent to Kenya by their father with a small sum of money to escape the war in Southern Sudan. But their funds ran dry after just a few months, forcing them to return.

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Refugee family from Myanmar

Bed, Bath & Blessings Beyond

When I accepted used furniture from a friend of mine last year, I had absolutely no idea just how significant a simple dresser was to become. My daughter-in-law Daisy was born and raised in Myanmar and, since she has moved to the United States, our family’s eyes have been opened to the plight of so many refugees who have fled Myanmar due to what is considered by experts as one of the largest refugee crises in modern history.

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representative picture of aliah, a syrian refugee and mother, praying

Aliah’s Prayer

Aliah and her family were forced to flee from their home. Isis had invaded Syria and, in the chaos that ensued, thousands of displaced Syrians desperately evacuated to nearby regions, quickly occupying any available shelters as they sought ways to provide for their families. Thankfully, Aliah was able to find a small room to rent where she and her three children could find some sort of refuge. Although unsuitable for a family of four, it was all she could afford.

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Determined to Learn!

Daniel Maketh doesn't remember anything about his parents or other relatives. That's because, tragically, his parents were killed in the Sudanese civil war when he was around 5 years old.

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Dreaming Beyond Jordan

So, it’s come to this! Yasir thought. Fear gripped his heart in that moment, and all he could think about was his family…and getting them to safety. He rushed home without hesitation hoping and praying that his wife and two young children were unharmed.

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Jesus Meeting Needs

Mosul is a city of about 2.5 million people in Northern Iraq, occupied by ISIS since June of 2014. This city was historically and predominantly Christian—before terrorists invaded bringing with them death and destruction. When Christians fled Mosul they didn't have time to bring with them even the basic of necessities.

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