Laboring for Love


Laboring for Love

Isn't it ironic. Rain falling in torrents—so much rainwater that it comes up to your knees—but you can't drink it. Purified water is desperately needed when flooding occurs, and so are clean, sturdy containers to keep the water pure while living through days and weeks of ubiquitous mud, mosquitos and misery.

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Love on Tap

Fine is a survivor of the Rwanda Genocide in 1994. During a 3-month melee, an estimated 1 million people of the Tutsi tribe were slaughtered by members of the Hutu tribe. Although Rwanda has been peaceful in the years since, many scars remain.

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Just Add Water

The students at St. Elizabeth Primary School in Bvirindi, Zimbabwe, were often thirsty and sick. That's because they drank rainwater that collected in a small reservoirs dug by hand. Not only was the water contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens, but it also dried up often.

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Taming Typhoid

It may seem obvious to those of us who've always been blessed with safe drinking water straight from our kitchen faucets, but not all peoples of the world understand that microscopic organisms found in water from lakes and streams can bring sickness and death. Many refuse to believe in such invisible agents until it's proven to them.

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Safe Water Fund

Sarai and her unwed mother, with 3 other siblings in tow, needed a place to hide from domestic violence. They were welcomed with open arms into a little community of believers known as "the Village," pioneered by Heaven's Family missionaries to Mexico Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick.

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The Sacrifices of Saints

I thought at the time, some 15 years ago, that my daily radio broadcast was a failure. The church I was pioneering in Pittsburgh had paid thousands of dollars to buy months of airtime on our local Christian radio station. I taught for 15 minutes every day about repentance and true faith in Jesus. As a result, people were staying away from my church in droves. A few listeners even wrote the station manager, asking that my broadcast be canceled. I was "preaching a works gospel" they said.

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Eva’s Well

Ngongongare, a very poor village in Tanzania, needs water. And 10-year-old Eva Henderson of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, aims to do something about it! Their closest water source is polluted with chemicals, so they must walk 7 miles roundtrip to another source—a stream, used by both people and animals, that is also unsafe—that frequently causes diarrhea, parasites, cholera, typhoid…and death. Although the villagers must work hard in the fields just to survive, they commonly miss work due to illness. Children miss school because, when not sick, they and their moms must spend hours fetching water each day for drinking and cooking. “Water is their greatest need,” our contact there told me.

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A Blessed Drop

Honorine Banyene quietly tended her field, an essential daily chore that made it possible for her to feed her family from the fruit of the ground. But unknown to the 48-year-old mother of 6, it would be a day of darkness like no other.

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