The Reluctant Martyr

Man from Myanmar holding Bible he received from the Strategic Bibles Ministry

Filled with “No” No mo’

Imagine having a faith so strong that you continue to serve Jesus with just the basic understanding you learned of Him during your salvation experience—despite persecution, not having a Bible, or being able to regularly fellowship with other believers!

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Nepali evangelist Timothy Rai giving away Bible

A Good Investment

I want to take this opportunity to share with you the diligence of one of our national missionaries who's working hard to reach others with the gifts received by the Strategic Bibles Ministry. Towards the end of last year, I received this incredible praise report from Timothy Rai, our faithful brother in Christ who serves as a missionary in Nepal.

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Picture of Maurice in East Africa holding his own Bible

Manna for Men

The Strategic Bibles Ministry is committed to enabling discipleship in the poorest areas of the world. East Africa, for one, has many Christians who have never owned their own Bibles and, although it may only cost around $8, it is a luxury many families are unable to afford when they're struggling to pay for food, shelter and an education for their children. So when a new Christian in East Africa receives his or her very own Bible for the first time, this seemingly simple gift is actually an enormous blessing to a believer who previously had little to no access to the Word of God.

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Free Books are Freeing Iranians

Every Spring, during the New Years holiday in Iran, a partner of the Strategic Bibles Ministry (along with a team of Iranian evangelists) hits the streets of popular vacation spots to hand out thousands of New Testament copies to unsaved Iranians—many of whom are Muslim.

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