“I’ve Been Looking for This!”


“I’ve Been Looking for This!”

Last March while Iranians celebrated Norouz, a Farsi word for the Persian New Year, a team of Iranian evangelists conducted a two-week campaign spreading the gospel and distributing New Testaments paid for by the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

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Partying with the Lions

As a follower of Christ converted from Islam, Nafees no longer was interested in celebrating the birthday of that religion’s founder, Muhammad, but accepted his friend’s invitation to the traditional event in hopes of one day reaching him for Christ.

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Marvelous Revelations

'l have come to understand God much better as I read this Bible. My life has really changed.' Those are the words of Dickson Nairowua, just one of the believers in Kenya who has been impacted by the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

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63-Year Prayer Answered!

I received an email from one of our Heaven's Family partners in Myanmar that I think will encourage you as it did me. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16)...words that couldn't be more true for this man from the Karen tribe.

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I am the First One…

Like me, you've probably found that one of the best ways to know God better is by reading your Bible in private. A special woman named Sita expressed her gratitude to Heaven's Family—and especially to you who've given to the Strategic Bibles Ministry—after receiving her own Bible.

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Peter’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words [A Strategic Bibles Ministry Mini-Update]

In January, each of Heaven's Family's 21 Focused Ministry Directors gave a short, 10-minute presentation about their accomplishments in 2015 and their upcoming goals for 2016. We're excited about what the Lord has done, and what He has in store for the remainder of this year!

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Strategic Bibles Ministry

Morad, a Christian, sat waiting in an automobile licensing office. Another waiting man was a Muslim mullah. The wait had been long, and the impatient mullah finally blurted out loudly, "The people working here are in need of God's forgiveness!" Seizing the opportunity, Morad asked the man about forgiveness. The mullah admitted that Muslims could never be sure their sins have been forgiven.

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Better than English?

I'm excited to announce that members of a house church in Uganda are now reading their own Bibles in their native language---thanks to your gifts to the Strategic Bibles Ministry. The following correspondence, which I received from a Heaven's Family partner who distributed the Bibles on our behalf, reveals one sister's gratitude.

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Two Kinds of Bread for Refugees

Just over a year ago, Qaraqosh was home to almost 60,000 people and Iraq's largest Christian population. But when ISIS stormed through the city's defensive line, a mass exodus began. Fearful, many fled during the night with only the clothes on their backs. Their entire lives were left behind in Qaraqosh, and into the hands of ISIS.

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