The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

Image of leprosy victim

The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

Meet Angeline, a joyful 70-year-old woman living in India. When Angeline was in her early twenties and newly married, she was diagnosed with leprosy. Sadly, as soon as her husband and family learned about her diagnosis, they considered her untouchable and expelled her from the family. They were afraid of the disease and the stigma surrounding it.

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Image of Microloan borrower with Tuk-Tuk

Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

I have exciting news to share with you about Simon, a determined entrepreneur from Kenya whose life has been forever changed, all thanks to your generous support. Your investment in the Microloan Ministry has enabled Simon to upgrade from a humble donkey to a powerful, motorized vehicle known as a tuk-tuk.

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Image of victims of leprosy receiving wound care

The life of a leprosy patient

In an Asian country (not disclosed to protect the people serving and being served), hidden in the mountains, are "forgotten" people. They were brought there as outcasts from their society due to leprosy. But Jesus hasn't forgotten them. And because of Jesus inside you, you are physically showing Jesus to them.

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Image of leprosy victim receiving aid

Fingerless for Now

Mwanaasha Salim was born in 1956 in Kenya. Just as she reached her teenage years, she was diagnosed with leprosy. The consequences were shocking and tragic. She was rejected by everyone she knew—even by her family members who were supposed to love her the most.

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Image of borrower in Kenya with chickens

A Very Fast Turnaround

Nancy, a beneficiary of Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry, lives in a rural area near Nakuru, Kenya. She has been raising chickens on her property for many years to support her family, but your help has made a big difference in her life!

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Image of missionary with victim of leprosy

No Holding Back

Aunt Tao was 18 years old when she got the news that drastically and abruptly changed her entire life. Her year-long marriage ended abruptly in divorce when her husband heard about her leprosy diagnosis. Then, she was banished for life to a leprosy quarantine village high in the remote mountains. This all happened in 1964.

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