A Long Road to Faith

Mr. Cheng, from the A-Che tribe

A Long Road to Faith

It wasn't easy for Mr. Cheng to exercise faith in this strange person named Jesus he'd been learning about—the whole concept felt so foreign to him. But there was something to it; a transforming power he couldn't deny. Was it something that could fill the aching pit in his soul?

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Sister Ai from unreached people group in China holding grandson

Wrong Turn?

What you are about to read is the amazing story of Sister Ai. One day on a mission trip to reach the A-Che people, Pastor Paul Fang made a wrong turn and ended up discovering another A-Che village named PiPai (name changed for security reasons)—which was completely unreached by the gospel. At first, it didn't seem like God was up to much in PiPai. A few seeds of the gospel were planted on the first two trips to this village, but little seemed to come of them. Pastor Paul and Timothy Yang left PiPai praying that God would open a door of opportunity into this village.

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Chinese national missionary

Street Meet

The meet is on the street! This common missions phrase, made popular by a well-known evangelist, accurately depicts where the heart of the Unreached People Groups Ministry (UPGM) is at. We believe that in order to reach people, we need to meet them where they’re at—on the streets—working up-close and personal with those who the world might even say are unreachable.

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Picture of training - marketplace missions conference in China

Marketing for Jesus

BOOM(!) is the best way to describe the economic climate that has characterized China over the past few decades. This has caused millions of villagers, from remote regions, to migrate to the nation’s mega-cities. Much of this new surge in the population are from unreached people groups and, although this means that there are still millions of souls who have never heard the precious name of Jesus, God has continually paved the way so that we may be able to reach China’s unreached with the gospel in ways we’ve never been able to before.

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Building Up Leaders

Last month we conducted a training seminar on Christian leadership and church planting. The Unreached People Groups Ministry subsidizes the costs for leaders from unreached people groups to attend Bible-based training. Our mission is to provide church leaders with a strong foundation in the Word, so that they can continue to reach unreached people groups and win souls for Christ. We believe there is no better strategy than to invest in leaders.

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Jesus vs. Demons, 2 to 0!

Ma Xi Hu was born of an unreached people group and raised in the mountains of China. Brought up to worship spirits and taught superstitious practices, she knows too well the realities of living a life in darkness. Ma was a firsthand witness to demonic torment and bondage, as she watched her mother become drastically ill and occupied by evil spirits. Ma and her mother desperately searched for a cure, but no medicine, witch, or doctor had the power to deliver these women.

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Two brothers among the A-Che people who were reached with the gospel

A Tale of Two Brothers

The Unreached People Groups Ministry recently conducted a training in which several people from the A-Che tribe of rural China came together to study God's Word. The purpose of this training was to share with them Kingdom principles, through stories and parables from the Bible, that were translated into the A-Che native tongue—a recording project the UPG Ministry has been working on for several years.

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