Christians on the Run

Picture of house church who received urgent COVID relief

Legacy Impact

Marlyn lived most of her life in a garbage dump community. Many who live there pick through the trash to find anything that can be recycled. Marlyn was a leader of a church plant in her community. When Marlyn lost her life to COVID-19, her church began to dwindle in numbers due to discouragement. With only four people left, the congregation began contemplating shutting the church down.

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Picture of missionary praying with unreached person in China

No More Whiskey or Smoking

High in the mountains of China, among the A-Che people, there lives a 60-year-old lady named Wang Chung Lam. When she was 25 years old, she married into a family from a far-off village. Ten years later, her husband died. Her family became increasingly poor. She married another man who became part of her family (as opposed to her moving to his hometown). They were unable to have children.

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Picture of religious Tibetans praying

Who is the Man in White?

Because of COVID-19 and other security concerns, our team working with Tibetans has had to conduct several mini-camps in different villages instead of one centralized outreach camp. By spreading out in this way, the effort has impacted 120 Tibetan young people, ages 12 to 24. Eight students in their early twenties had never heard anything about Jesus Christ before this camp. By the end of the camp, they had heard the whole story, all the way from creation to the resurrection!

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Picture of elder of A-Che tribe in China

In Comes Jesus, Out Goes Fear

“Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. You and your household.” While we see a promise for each individual in this verse from Acts 16:31, we also see that God’s missionary heart is for whole family units and relational structures.

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Mr. Cheng, from the A-Che tribe

A Long Road to Faith

It wasn't easy for Mr. Cheng to exercise faith in this strange person named Jesus he'd been learning about—the whole concept felt so foreign to him. But there was something to it; a transforming power he couldn't deny. Was it something that could fill the aching pit in his soul?

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Sister Ai from unreached people group in China holding grandson

Wrong Turn?

What you are about to read is the amazing story of Sister Ai. One day on a mission trip to reach the A-Che people, Pastor Paul Fang made a wrong turn and ended up discovering another A-Che village named PiPai (name changed for security reasons)—which was completely unreached by the gospel. At first, it didn't seem like God was up to much in PiPai. A few seeds of the gospel were planted on the first two trips to this village, but little seemed to come of them. Pastor Paul and Timothy Yang left PiPai praying that God would open a door of opportunity into this village.

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Chinese national missionary

Street Meet

The meet is on the street! This common missions phrase, made popular by a well-known evangelist, accurately depicts where the heart of the Unreached People Groups Ministry (UPGM) is at. We believe that in order to reach people, we need to meet them where they’re at—on the streets—working up-close and personal with those who the world might even say are unreachable.

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