The Fight of His Life


Who is this Masked Woman?

Masked people can be seen all over China's large cities, usually for skin and lung protection from the harmful contaminates that pollute much of that nation's air. So when we met the woman in the photo above, we were not taken by surprise—or frightened!

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Crashing the Wild Man Party

The remote, mountaintop village of Xinhua looked deserted as I and some team members pulled our vehicle to a stop at the edge of town. We soon discovered that almost the entire village had congregated at what might be called their 'fairgrounds' to celebrate a festival called (according to the best translation I can come up with) the 'Welcome the Wild Man Festival,' and we were just in time to join the party!

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Audio Adrenaline!

"Turn around and go home!" Hua Yang* screamed repeatedly. She spoke with a strange voice that was all-too-familiar to her husband, Chun, who was clutching the steering wheel. More than 3 hours of driving remained, but Chun endured her frequent outbursts in the hope that, once they arrived, the Christians he'd learned about would succeed at doing what doctors and witches had failed at—delivering his wife from the evil spirit that tormented her, and from her chronic illness.

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Miraculous Movements

One of the greatest privileges I've had ministering in China these last 20 years is seeing the fruit of the largest church planting movement in history. The House Church Movement in China was birthed in prayer, tested by persecution, multiplied by healing and deliverance, and propagated by simple house church models focused on simple obedience to Jesus as an expression of their love for Him.

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