Audio Adrenaline!


Audio Adrenaline!

"Turn around and go home!" Hua Yang* screamed repeatedly. She spoke with a strange voice that was all-too-familiar to her husband, Chun, who was clutching the steering wheel. More than 3 hours of driving remained, but Chun endured her frequent outbursts in the hope that, once they arrived, the Christians he'd learned about would succeed at doing what doctors and witches had failed at—delivering his wife from the evil spirit that tormented her, and from her chronic illness.

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Miraculous Movements

One of the greatest privileges I've had ministering in China these last 20 years is seeing the fruit of the largest church planting movement in history. The House Church Movement in China was birthed in prayer, tested by persecution, multiplied by healing and deliverance, and propagated by simple house church models focused on simple obedience to Jesus as an expression of their love for Him.

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Unreached People Groups Ministry

Reach and Send. These are 2 words that sum up the primary goal of the Unreached People Groups Ministry. And Paul Fang's life sums up those 2 words. From the unreached A-Che tribal group in southern China, Paul was one of the first to respond to the gospel when our team began working among them.

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Cold, Homeless and Unreached…Until Now

Did you know that during the last 20 years the largest human migration in history has taken place—and hardly anyone in the outside world knew about it? This migration took place in China, when hundreds of millions of people left their home villages in the countryside to seek employment and a better life in big cities. The city where our training is based—centrally located in a region that contains hundreds of unreached people groups—witnessed a huge influx of people from the surrounding countryside. These are people who have no knowledge of Jesus, and no viable church among them.

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The “D-Team”

"I love it when a plan comes together," were the words of Hannibal, the leader of the "A-Team" on the 1980s TV series of the same name, at the successful conclusion of each episode. No less could be said of our recent "mission"—the Holy Spirit showed up; the government did not. Reasons to rejoice in this season!

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Dong for the King

Exciting News: Our team of national missionaries is now reaching unreached people groups in China! What makes this team so special is that its members are themselves from minority peoples who now are reaching not only their own tribes, but other unreached people groups as well! When many of our co-workers came to the Lord, they felt called by Him to reach their own people.

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History in the Making

Joy filled my heart as I sat with my son Caleb in the "sardine" section for the 12-or-so hours of our plane ride to China last July. That's because we were on an historic mission to bring God's Word to the A-Che people in their own language—something never before done!

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