Your Prayers Moved a Mountain!


Dong for the King

Exciting News: Our team of national missionaries is now reaching unreached people groups in China! What makes this team so special is that its members are themselves from minority peoples who now are reaching not only their own tribes, but other unreached people groups as well! When many of our co-workers came to the Lord, they felt called by Him to reach their own people.

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History in the Making

Joy filled my heart as I sat with my son Caleb in the "sardine" section for the 12-or-so hours of our plane ride to China last July. That's because we were on an historic mission to bring God's Word to the A-Che people in their own language—something never before done!

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Open for the Gospel 24/7

Barking dogs and the sound of a gate creaking open abruptly awakened Pastor Paul Fang one night at 11:30. Accustomed to persecution, the sounds quickly gripped his attention—late night visitors are usually police officers coming to harass and threaten him about preaching the gospel and serving the poor.

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Mang vs. Yang [Todd’s 2nd and Final Unreached People Groups Fund Blog]

Insults were normally the first thing Sister Yang heard as she walked each day past the house of Luo Mang, her neighbor. Luo Mang often peppered her loud insults with curses as well. Luo Mang is not just any ordinary neighbor. She is the wife of the assistant elder, a powerful position in the Chinese rural government system, who helps oversee 10 villages in all. He must be committed to the Communist Party to attain and hold this position.

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Report from China [Todd’s 1st Unreached People Groups Fund Blog]

Wow, how blessed I am! Before and during my trip to China last month I received many emails thanking me for going and promising prayer support. How encouraged I felt having you on the team that sends me! I was honored to go on your behalf.

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My Mom Was a Witchdoctor

Pastor Paul Fang has baptized many believers in China, but none more important than the one he recently performed. This new believer in Jesus was once an animist who worshiped spirits in trees, rocks and other objects, and practiced witchcraft and strange superstitions. She lived in deep darkness, regularly cursing her enemies, but lived under the continual curse of tormenting spirits. She spent all her life in poverty, and was even forced in her youth to build roads under Mao's regime.

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