Jesus Lives in Goma [David’s 6th and Final Blog from East Africa]


A Breakthrough Among the A-Che

Winning members of the world's unreached people groups to Christ often requires years of searching for cultural keys, plus relationship building and prayer. But sometimes a breakthrough can begin with a miracle. That is just what happened recently in a remote corner of China among an unreached people group known as the A-Che (pronounced "ah-chay").

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Cang Ai’s Renaissance

Things didn't go so well during the first 22 years. Due to seasonal water shortages in their village, Ni Kung, his wife and children, along with 14 other families, decided to relocate. So they moved from the mountains of Chin State in 1984 to a lower elevation in order to pioneer a new village, which they named Cang Ai. There they cleared land, built simple bamboo homes, planted small vegetable gardens, and raised a few chickens and pigs. The stream from which they watered their gardens was half a mile away, but it flowed year round. Still, life was not easy, and when I first visited Cang Ai in 2006, only seven families remained in the village.

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