Cautious Evangelism in North Korea

23 Feb

Cautious Evangelism in North Korea


North Koreans eating sparse rice
North Korean families stretch whatever food they have to make it last as long as they can (this photo is a dramatization)

Dear Friends,

This month I want to tell you about “Rebecca,” a North Korean woman in her late 40s who has two children. Her husband’s family, with whom they live, is part Chinese, so the North Korean government treats them all as second-class citizens. As a result, her husband and oldest son can only find the lowest-paying jobs, making life very difficult as they struggle to survive.

Rebecca is not a Christian, but she has a neighbor, Mrs. C, who is. Mrs. C is part of a secret network that Heaven’s Family assists to send emergency food supplies into North Korea. Mrs. C has been getting to know Rebecca recently, and has grown to trust her enough to begin sharing some of the network food with her. By doing that, however she has also opened the door for many unwanted questions.

For example, Rebecca began asking where Mrs. C’s family got their food during the current severe food shortages. Mrs. C explained that the food was from Mike, a relative in China. Rebecca then asked if it was possible for her to meet Mike. Knowing Mike’s heart for evangelism, Mrs. C agreed to arrange a meeting with him the next time he was in North Korea.

In December, Rebecca joined Mrs. C on her way to the secret warehouse where Mike meets leaders from the North Korean underground church for the food distribution. Mike greeted Rebecca with a warm smile and talked with her, offering some encouragement. Mike gave her a 110-pound bag of rice, a large amount for a starving family.

Evangelism in North Korea is very risky, and due to safety concerns, Mike was cautious about sharing the gospel with Rebecca at their first meeting. He is, however, excited about continuing to reach out to her and her family the next time he brings food.

Please keep Mike, Mrs. C, and the entire network in your prayers as they build relationships with Rebecca and other seekers. We look forward to the day when Rebecca will hopefully join our spiritual family.

Through gifts to the North Korean Christians Fund we are working to save many lives—and many souls for eternity. Thanks so very much.

In Christ,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, North Korean Christians Fund


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  • Edward


    This is a very moving account of the light being shown into the darkness of North Korea.

    With the death of Kim and his son’s ascension I can only imagine the additional darkness that has fallen on North Korea.

    Hopefully, one day the talks the world’s leading nations are having with North Korea will bear fruit and the country will open itself up to the light.

    Until that day, I continue to pray for the people of North Korea and those like yourselves that work to spread the light.

    Perhaps one day on my travels I will stand on the Chinese side of the border with North Korea.

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