Celebrating Clean Water!

06 May

Celebrating Clean Water!

Image of villagers in Malawi with safe waterMoms and children gather excitedly around their new well!

Celebrating Clean Water!

No more spending hours digging for water in this grateful village

Dear Family,

The rural village of Kajawo, Malawi had no access to clean water. People in the village were often sick and sometimes died from cholera and other water-related diseases.

Early every morning, the village women would make the long trek to one small river where all the women from several villages converged in search of water. During the dry season, the women would have to dig holes by hand and wait for water to fill the hole. This took long hours of their day.

Children also were sent to collect water. Because of the time they had to spend on this task, many children performed poorly in school and dropped out.

Now, through the Heaven’s Family Safe Water Ministry, you have helped drill a deep well for the village. The community is celebrating, praising Jesus, and enjoying clean water for drinking and all their household needs. The community’s health improved immediately. The moms and kids don’t have to travel a long distance just to fetch dirty water that would make their families sick. The kids can go to school regularly.

By providing clean water, you have changed their lives!

Thank you for helping transform needy communities through the gift of safe, clean water. May all who drink from this well come to know Jesus, who is Living Water!

Image of the director of the Safe Water Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

Help Provide Safe Water

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