Celebration in Saboti

27 Jun

Some of the bright students who attend Heaven’s Family Academy

Celebration in Saboti

A school in rural Kenya is getting kids excited about learning

Dear Friends,

In rural Kenya, poor families have only one dream: that their children can attend school and excel. They realize that, without an education, it’s almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty. That’s certainly the case with the kids who now attend Heaven’s Family Academy, a Christian school started several years ago by Cleophas Makona, a long-time friend of Heaven’s Family.

Cleophas, the school’s headmaster, recently sent me the photo below. The children—most of whom have Heaven’s Family sponsors for which they are very grateful—are outside because they’re celebrating the end of the semester and preparing to get their test scores back. Cleophas has learned to turn this into an exciting day for the kids by giving small prizes to those who achieve high scores.

A few years ago many of these kids could not have even imagined attending school. Now, however, they’re actively involved in academics and are continuing to learn the benefits of having an education. So when they’re called out to mark the end of each semester, it is truly a day of excitement for everyone!

May God’s grace and peace be with you,

Rob Parise
Director, Education Ministry

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