Chickens helping Orphans

28 Sep

Two of the boys at the orphanage collecting dozens of eggs in cartons out from the chickens
David Thang and Aye Ve Kyaw enjoy collecting the day’s eggs, despite the apparent protests of a few mama chickens!

A few years ago, Orphan’s Tear helped Living Hope Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, start an egg business. I’m happy to report that business is booming due to some very fruitful chickens—producing over 200 eggs each day! As a result, they are using the profits from the business to benefit the children’s lives. They get to eat a lot of eggs, too!

Last year I had the privilege of enjoying a hard-boiled egg from one of these chickens, and I’d have to say it was quite tasty. You can buy a dozen eggs from Living Hope Orphanage for $1.20 or a whole chicken for $3.15. The chickens don’t get sold until they are pretty old and aren’t good for laying eggs any more.

A secondary benefit of the business is that it teaches the children responsibility, how to care for animals, and the basics of running a business, all skills that they can use when they leave the orphanage as adults.

To help the orphans,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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