Chicks for Hunger [Haiti Trip, Final Blog]

16 Jun

Chicks for Hunger [Haiti Trip, Final Blog]

Pastor Geordany with the 25 children living at his orphanage

Chicks for Hunger

Haiti Trip, Final Blog

Dear Friends,

“I really don’t know how they survive,” Pastor Geordany, the director of Mt. Carmel Orphanage, replied when I asked him how Haitians could pay the high food prices in Haiti. The average cost of a gallon of milk is over $9, and a pound of oranges costs about $5! The orphanage, located in the rural, central plateau near the town of Pignon, buys lower-cost items such as rice, beans, and cheaper vegetables. Even still, he is only able to feed the children twice a day—in the morning when they wake up, and then after they return from school.

Orphan’s Tear is helping to combat this crisis in 2 ways. The first is by immediately doubling their monthly support from about $400 to $800. The second is by helping the orphanage start a small chicken farm! The farm will not only provide the orphanage with needed protein from fresh chickens, but also bring in additional income from the sale of others in the market.

Thank you for traveling to Haiti with me, Jesse and Kayla via our blogs! On behalf of the 45 children in Haiti who are supported by Orphan’s Tear sponsors, thank you!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

The chicken house is ready for the 200 little chicks arriving in July!


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  • Nancy Johnsen

    One mission that our Lutheran women have supported is in Haiti. I was very impressed by Pastor Daniel Paul because he used his agricultural training to help replenish the exhausted soil and start a garden at his church and school compound. Here is a link to the website: // It takes a while to amend the soil so that orchards and gardens can grow again, but that would be one way to give the children the fruits and vegetables they need.

    • admin

      Thanks for the info, Nancy!

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