Children Being Big Blessings

31 Oct

The boys of Blessing House in their school uniforms.

Blessing House in India truly is a blessing! Nothing makes me more proud than to hear about orphans sharing their faith in Jesus. Here is a recent newsletter I got from them:

The second term semester classes started in the school. So we brought new books and other needed stationeries for the boys. The school teachers are very much happy with our boys as they are well disciplined compared with other children in the school.

The school staff were so excited to see that before eating the snacks during the recess time all our children used to fold their hands and thank the Lord for the food. Then the school staff asked the children why they do pray before snacks. So the children got an opportunity to share about God and how important it is to thank God for everything. The staff told us that our children are a model not only for the other children but for the school staffs too.

Blessings to you!

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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