Christmas Choir Sings in Syria

09 Feb

Christmas Choir Sings in Syria

People from all faiths are attending the services regularly

Dear Friends,

The civil war in Syria has caused millions to suffer, but given God’s people an unprecedented opportunity to serve our spiritually needy family—as well as demonstrate His love to Muslims, many who are now open as never before.

Since May of last year, Heaven’s Family has provided food to over 100 families displaced from their homes inside Syria. These families consist of both Christians and Muslims who have their suffering in common. We have accomplished this blessing through a faithful pastor who, unlike many others, refused to abandon his post when multitudes are hurting, like sheep without a shepherd.

With the threat of death and fearing for their lives, people of all faiths have poured into his church seeking spiritual answers and peace, many coming early to services just to sit and read the only Bibles they have access to. Secret police watch every service to make sure no Muslims are baptized, but are not concerned if the church seems to only be distributing food.

But lives are being changed.

One Muslim man told the pastor, “Even though I am not obliged to come, I cannot but come!” And a young Muslim woman, in response to the pastor’s offer to bring food to her so that she didn’t risk being seen attending the services to receive the food, boldly replied, “I am not afraid to come to church…this is where I find peace.” A few Muslim women even joined the small church choir during Christmas season!

The Christmas choir

I’m so excited to see God moving in the midst of this crisis—and God is using you to make it happen!

Please pray for the safely of this pastor, his family and his flock. Our God hears us and will answer our prayers.


Becky Servant
Director, Christian Refugees Fund

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