Christmas Clothes

19 Jan

Myanmar orphan ready for school
The children of El Shaddai Orphanage with their new Christmas clothes!

Dear Friend,

As someone who has given to the Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund, I wanted to share with you this special letter of thanks we received from the director of Beulah Orphanage in Myanmar.

His orphanage, like all of the orphanages sponsored by Orphan’s Tear, received $5 per child for Christmas. Most of the orphanage directors used that money to purchase new clothing for the children. Because of compassionate sponsors, well over a thousand children received “Christmas clothes” on Christmas morning, which they all excitedly wear to church that day—and most every other day for a year.

Here’s what he wrote:

Merry Christmas to you all.

This month, we are so blessed. God is so good to His children. When we compared our situation in last year to this year, God has done a lot of thing for us.There has been a lot of changes to Beulah Children Home. God provide us our daily needs like food, clothes and good health. We taste His hands of blessing a lot through Heaven’s Family ministries.

We celebrated Christmas to prison and I preached the gospel to the prisoners. They all are very happy. All the children presented Christmas songs. Moreover, our children are so happy in this year Christmas because they all got a new clothes by Orphan’s Tear Christmas gifts. My tongue could not tell how much they are happy. I think our family is the happiest family in [Myanmar] that day. I think they are more happier than sons of General Than Shew whom their father buy them a new car, when they see their new clothes.

Last night one of my daughter said to me, “Pa Pa, I can not be angry at all.” She means how much she is happy. It is a very beautiful idiom of Chin.”Pa Pa, I think God will surely bless David’s family because they love us more than any other children in Myanmar.” I said to her,”My daughter, yes, they love you all very much. So you need to love them too. How? By your prayer”. Our family is really thankful to you. Tears of joy flow down on my cheek. To God be the Glory!

So dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please remember always how much your five dollars make an orphan happy in Christmas season. An orphan hungers your love always.

May God bless you more abundantly

Thank you for making Christmas special for the orphans!

For the children,

Emily Growden

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