Heaven's Family Magazine
November 2011 Issue

Christmas Joy

The Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund at Work in Myanmar

Charity McDaniel, Orphan's Tear Ministry


American children might be disappointed to receive clothing as Christmas gifts, but not orphans in Myanmar—who often only have one set of clothes.

Every year around this time we ask all of our child sponsors to consider sending an extra $5 for each child they sponsor so that their sponsored children can receive new clothes for Christmas. Our goal this year is to provide “Christmas clothes” for 1,500 orphans and unwanted children on Christmas morning, which they will all excitedly wear to church that day—and most every other day for the next year.

Not every child sponsor responds to our “Christmas clothes” appeal, so we need others to help us. Will you give one of our orphans his or her only Christmas gift this year? 100% of every $5 contribution to the Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund is used to provide clothing for one child living at one of our 54 orphanages around the world. Thanks so much!



Christmas is celebrated very simply by believers in poor countries, without the commercialism or materialism so common in Western nations. Our goal, of course, is for all of our orphaned children to learn about the best Christmas present of all: Jesus! Your gift to the Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund will not only provide very needy children with clothing and other essentials, but will also remind them of the Giver of the Gift that really matters!

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