Clean Water Helps Clean Souls

01 Oct

Clean Water Helps Clean Souls

Fetching water from a dirty river 5 miles from home

Clean Water Helps Clean Souls

A very special rehab center in Kenya is in need of safe water

Dear Friends,

Philemon Youth Center (aka “Philemon House”) in Kibwezi, Kenya is the first of its kind in that African nation. Located about 125 miles southeast of the capital city of Nairobi, this Christian-saturated facility rescues troubled youth who have known nothing but abandonment and chaos in their young lives. Without this intervention, many of these boys and girls would be all but destined to the dark cycle of imprisonment, addictions, violence and other horrors of street life.

At Philemon House, the young men and women are discipled in Christ, taught vocation skills so they can one day become self-sufficient, and also learn the basics of how to function in society.

The dedicated Christian staff currently serve 22 youth in their residential program. They also host discipleship camps twice a year that draw over 80 additional teens. This work has been made possible in large part by Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry, which is directed by Bob Collins. Bob is passionate about bringing the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to inmates and addicts in many other countries of the world as well.

Young men and women at the Philemon House

Because of the arid climate of Kibwezi, Philemon House—as well as four surrounding villages consisting of many impoverished Christians—face dangerous water shortages throughout the dry seasons. During that time they are forced to travel 5 miles each day to fetch unsafe water from a dirty river.

This month, your Compassion Club investment is enabling our Safe Water Ministry to partner with the Christians in this region to provide a desperately needed well. Not only will it provide clean, lifesaving water for drinking and cooking, but it will also enable them to irrigate their crops so they can grow more food to eat and sell, enabling them to become more self-sufficient.

I believe the fact that you’ve joined a group called Compassion Club reflects something very special about you. You are filled with a heart-felt compassion for those in need—especially those among our spiritual family—just like Jesus. I’m grateful for you.

Your investment this month will be impacting youth at Philemon House and the hundreds of impoverished villagers, not only in this life but for eternity! Thanks for storing up some “heavenly treasure” to bless these needy people.

Advancing Jesus’ kingdom together,

Jody Walker
Compassion Club Coordinator

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