Climbing High for Jesus

Picture of unreached tribe in China attending secret trainingSecretly held high in the mountains, a training recently took place to equip young people from an unreached tribe!

Climbing High for Jesus

Doing what it takes to make disciples among the Hang Yin of China

Dear Family,

Do you feel the cool, fresh breeze high in the remote mountains of China? You were “there” recently, obeying Jesus by making disciples among some of the most unreached people groups on earth!

That’s because your gifts sent national worker Timothy Lee back to his tribe to train up the next generation of Hang Yin disciples—and for security reasons, we had to conduct the strategic training high in the mountains. We’re thrilled that 89 young people, ages 12 to 20, attended the camp-style training, where they learned biblical teachings about sexual purity, holiness, worship and missions.

This unique training is part of our ongoing efforts to continue changing an unreached people group into a reached one! They were all admonished to live a holy life and a life as a living sacrifice. God’s Spirit showed up and touched everyone there in some amazing ways—for example, several teenagers gave their hearts to Jesus…several more rededicated their lives to follow HIM…and almost all the attendees made a commitment to live a sexually holy life!

Please continue to pray that there would be enough well-trained disciples from the Hang Yin people group to reach their own people. Timothy Lee is one of the first from his people to go through our year-long Bible training program and serve God full-time! Timothy felt especially encouraged that the generation he came up in is now training the younger generation, and that there is even more fruit beginning to sprout. This gives him great hope that his tribe will be reached in his lifetime.

Picture of young peopl leading worship at training in ChinaAnticipation is building as the worship team gets ready to worship King Jesus! Over 80 young people got to worship corporately and be trained in the gospel and righteous living.

Your prayers and contributions to the Unreached People Groups Ministry are pushing the word of God out into “all nations,” bringing the gospel to more who haven’t yet heard. It means that disciples will be made and that leaders will be trained. Your investment is laying the foundation for fruit to be born for the Kingdom for years to come!

Thank you for helping to make it happen!

Grateful to be able to take the gospel to places, peoples and distinct ethnic groups on your behalf!

Picture of Todd Matthews, Director of the Unreached People Groups Ministry

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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