Cold, Homeless and Unreached…Until Now

22 Feb

Cold, Homeless and Unreached…Until Now

A poor, homeless and unreached man in our city

Cold, Homeless and Unreached…Until Now

How feeding the poor opens doors to share the gospel with the unreached

Dear Friends,

Did you know that during the last 20 years the largest human migration in history has taken place—and hardly anyone in the outside world knew about it? This migration took place in China, when hundreds of millions of people left their home villages in the countryside to seek employment and a better life in big cities. The city where our training is based—centrally located in a region that contains hundreds of unreached people groups—witnessed a huge influx of people from the surrounding countryside. These are people who have no knowledge of Jesus, and no viable church among them.

But not everyone who comes to the big city finds good work. Many rural migrants, unfortunately, are quite “green” and are easily taken advantage of by corrupt bosses, the criminal underworld, and all sorts of other schemes and traps.

This evil “perfect storm” has caused an explosion in the homeless population of our city, but our team in China has responded by feeding them these past 10 years. Many whom we serve have never heard the gospel before, and of them, many are from whole groups of unreached people.

Mr. Ma, for example, is a member of the Hui, China’s largest Muslim people group. There are about 10 million Hui in China. Deeply impressed with how Christians are concerned with the lowly and the needy, Mr. Ma regularly attends our homeless outreaches. The last time I was in China I shared the gospel with him. Our team routinely finds such opportunities among the men and women struggling to survive on the cold streets of our city.

Winter is extremely cold in this part of China, and this year temperatures have regularly plunged below freezing. This has created an emergency need for blankets, jackets and medicine, which we have distributed in addition to our regular distributions of food (made possible by Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry.

The frigid winter has also caused other unexpected challenges, such as a drastic increase in our utility bills at our training base. Please do remember our ministry in your prayers. Your gifts to the Unreached People Groups Ministry help us to cast our nets in many directions to reach the unreached.

Many Blessings,

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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