Compassion for Widows

20 Jan

Beatrice teaching English at Cindi’s Hope

Dear Friends,

Thanks to our faithful Compassion Club members, Heaven’s Family has supplied the pressing needs of widows and abandoned women around the world this past year. The Club joined with Heaven’s Family’s Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry, providing $5,854 for various needs that blessed dozens of women.

One of those needy women was Beatrice from Kenya. After Beatrice was abandoned by her husband many years ago her life went into a tailspin. She eventually landed a 3-year prison term for stealing money from a shop. While in prison, however, Beatrice learned English—and, more importantly, gave her life to the Lord—through an outreach of Cindi’s Hope, a Heaven’s Family partner that takes in abused and neglected children from Nairobi’s slums. After her release, Cindi’s Hope hired Beatrice to teach English to the abandoned and abused girls at their school. You can meet Beatrice in a recent video by clicking here.

In addition to Beatrice, Compassion Club members also…

– provided a woman in Pakistan with cancer treatments and follow-up testing
– paid for a another woman in Kenya to receive surgery to remove a tumor on her upper spine
– supplied a woman in Tanzania with a pregnant goat so she and her children can have milk
– purchased 3 sewing machines for several ladies in Kenya so that they could start businesses
– provided 35 widows and abandoned women in Mexico with blankets and food supplements
– helped one widow in Kenya buy land and build a house so she can care for her daughter and grandchildren
– paid salaries and boarding costs for 5 widows and abandoned women working at Cindi’s Hope in Kenya for 1 month

One of the 35 widows and abandoned women in Mexico who received a much-needed blanket and food to feed their families

In all, more than 47 widows and abandoned women were helped with that $5,854! Thanks to all Compassion Club members for helping them in their time of need!

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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