COVID Starvation Thwarted

29 Apr

A family receiving food reliefA family eager to receive the food aid you helped provide (Faces have been blocked because of security purposes.)

COVID Starvation Thwarted

Your generosity has reached our family on an island nation

Dear Family,

How can I thank you enough for the hundreds of lives you’ve saved not only from hunger, but also spiritually as well?

On an island not very far away from the USA, you provided food to several hundred people. Because of the lockdown in their country, they had to stand in long lines to get rations for their families. They said that after standing in line for hours to enter the store, typically all the edible food was already gone (it was reported that only moldy bread was still on the shelves) and thus people would go home hungry and then stand in line again the next day, hoping the store would get to restock.

Thanks to you, however, many were rejoicing. Here are a few of their stories, in somewhat broken English (names have been changed to protect our friends):

  • Ginny has faith in Jesus, attends church and prays constantly for her son. Her economic conditions are deplorable; she depends on what some people inspired by God give her. She was very happy when we visited her and very grateful because she didn’t have any of the things we gave her. She especially appreciated the guava bar we gave her, as that is her favorite dessert. She also confessed that she was using a piece of cloth as a towel. But now she has a towel, thanks to God and His family who helped. She said, “How good God is, look how many things He sent me.”
  • Maria’s family was very grateful for our visit because they didn’t have rice, cooking oil or protein to feed the kids. We were happy to bless this family in need, and they joyfully thanked the ministry and brethren who made it possible.
  • Lydia, age 47, is raising four of her grandkids—two fathered by an alcoholic and two by a man who is now in prison. They have great material needs. When our team arrived, they had no food in the house and no money to buy anything. The kids were very excited by our visit and their faces were radiant. It was also a blessing for us to help them. Lydia was greatly impacted by this gesture and deeply grateful for this help. She confirmed our sense that God was using us all in a great way.

A family receiving food relief

Woman in wheelchair receiving food relief

Receiving food relief

Thank you so much for blessing those who otherwise would have gone hungry or perhaps even faced starvation during this COVID-19 crisis.

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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