Crossing Mountains

Image of missionary praying with womanA Heaven’s Family missionary praying with Mrs. Zhang as she gives her life to the Lord

Crossing Mountains

Broken down on the way to salvation

Dear Family,

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang work at a pig farm in rural China. Mr. Zhang has been a Christian for the past three years, but his wife remained resistant to the gospel. When Mr. Zhang heard that missionaries were traveling to a village over the next mountain, he asked their boss for time off from work so he could bring his wife to meet them, hopeful that she would finally surrender her life to the Lord.

They mounted their motorcycle and started their journey over the mountain, but halfway there, the motorcycle broke down. Determined to get his wife there, they decided to continue on foot.

When word made it back to the missionaries that the Zhangs were walking over a mountain to come see them, they drove to pick the couple up. Grateful for the ride, Mr. Zhang said, “I would have done whatever was necessary to bring my wife to church so that she could believe in Jesus.” That night, during the service, the national missionaries prayed for Mrs. Zhang and she happily put her faith in Christ.

Image of missionary helping to repair motorcycleOne of the missionaries helping the Zhangs repair their motorcycle

Thank you for partnering with Heaven’s Family national missionaries in China and other nations who have counted the cost and who, like Mr. Zhang, are doing whatever is necessary to bring others to Christ.

Image of the director of the National Missionary Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

Transform Lives Through the National Missionary Ministry

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