Crying with Thankfulness

10 May

orphans holding pens

Dear Friends,

At the end of every month we not only send regular financial support to the 33 orphanages that we now support in six countries, but we also distribute any special gifts we’ve received that month to orphanages that are facing very pressing needs. Often, they are orphanages in which no children are yet sponsored, so they don’t receive any regular support from us.

This past month we were able to help meet the very pressing needs of seven orphanages in Myanmar and Tanzania, distributing a total of $5,500. Three of the Myanmar orphanages that we helped are in the city of Hakha, Chin State. Our primary contact there described what happened when his representative showed up with our gift at one of those orphanages:

We sent the love gifts you sent to the three orphanages. Our brother Chawn Kio was there to distribute the bread [our code word for “money”] to them and here is how he recounted it….

As soon as he drew the loaves from the bank, he went straight to the orphanages and distributed them. It was so unexpected it almost shocked the couple with joy. They knelt and gave thanks to the Lord, crying loudly and for a long time. Our brother Chawn also could not control himself and joined them crying. Even after he left the orphanage, he heard their crying till he was quite far away off….It is because it was the time when they were in desperate situation.

And here is a letter we received from Canaan Orphanage in Myanmar where all of the children are sponsored (with no editing of the broken English):

All our children are getting well. The children enjoyed by your support that they could eat, study and use for any other needs. God is so good to us. Your support makes a different our orphanage in spiritually and physically.

So be encouraged today that your generosity is bearing fruit. Eternity will reveal just how much!

For the Children,


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