Cuban Life

This quintessential Cuban senior, suffering some dementia, lives with his son, a house-church pastor, and his daughter-in-law. Their house also serves as a church. Heaven’s Family is helping all of them with funding to dig their well deeper plus provide a pump and cover, because during the rainy season it fills with polluted run-off.

Cuban Life

David’s Fourth and Final Blog from Cuba

Dear Family,

Heaven’s Family is not only supporting national missionaries in Cuba. We’re serving poor Cuban Christians through micro-credit, supplying safe water, equipping pastors and prison chaplains, providing disaster relief, and more. Although our efforts seem tiny in light of the tremendous needs and opportunities in Cuba, we personally know many of the people whom we’ve touched, and all because of the folks (like you) who make it all possible by sharing some of what God has blessed them with.

For my final blog from Cuba, I’ve compiled some photos (with captions), which were taken by team member Jeff Trotter. Jeff is not only among Heaven’s Family’s finest photographers, but he also heads our Disaster Relief Ministry, which is one reason we spent some time checking up on rebuilding projects he authorized in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Matthew.

By the way, since I published my last blog, 9 more Cuban evangelists have been sponsored! There are still a few remaining that are posted on the National Missionaries sponsorship page at HeavensFamily.org. Just click here to see them. Your sponsorship will play a part in at least 1,200 Cubans coming to Jesus over the next year!

Thanks for joining me on my Cuban journey.

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David Servant
Founder and President, Heaven’s Family

This pastor’s house, in the background, was destroyed by Hurricane Irma last year. For just a few hundred dollars, Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry funded the purchase of a new (albeit old) house that, like the one that was destroyed, also functions as a a gathering place for saints. (His new home is made of cement block instead of wood, so he and his family will be much safer the next time a hurricane comes near.)

This is a typical rural house in Cuba, where communism doesn’t appear to be working too well. The goats in the foreground I’m sure are either government property, heavily taxed, or don’t exist.

Here I am standing with another saint, a pastor’s wife, whom we’ve been privileged to help after Hurricane Irma damaged the roof of their concrete-block shack. They are building a new concrete block house behind this one, with a much larger room for hosting church services. So God is causing all things to work together for good, using a horrible hurricane to make room for more saints to attend this house church!

This is the current kitchen of the house in the previous photo, again typical for rural Cuba

It is not much better in Cuban towns and cities. This is a typical street scene, where there always seems to be a 1950s American automobile holding on for life, just like most Cubans. The narrow, non-grid arrangement of this town’s streets, we were told, provided a deterrent against attack by marauding pirates in the 19th century.

A bicycle taxi. Cubans consume an average of 3,227 calories per day, as compared to Americans who consume an average of 3,729, but Cubans’ calories are mostly derived from grains like rice, whereas Americans eat a lot more sugar and fat. And now you know.

We stayed for a couple of nights at a bed & breakfast operated by this woman (with her mother). Her house is almost 200 years old, with a beautiful interior courtyard filled with plants where I filmed eight “Little Lessons.”

One of two well projects Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry is helping with in Cuba. This one, when completed, will serve many people, believers and potential believers.

I love this photo of a house church pastor whom we visited, standing behind a pulpit in the part of his house where the saints gather for church services. He looks to me like an angel, just arriving from heaven.

This 38-year-old sister in Christ told me her testimony of how God delivered her from a drug-infested and promiscuous lifestyle. She had a praying mother. These days, she travels with her husband to hold evening evangelistic campaigns. During daytimes, she shares the gospel anywhere people will listen, and she trains church members in personal evangelism. Many churches are growing because of her and her husband’s ministries. I felt so small in comparison.

My friend, traveling companion, and senior staff member of Heaven’s Family, Jeff Trotter. The only thing that I excel in over Jeff is super-subtle selfishness, when I make him believe that I am considering him when I am, in fact, really thinking of myself. Please continue to pray for my complete sanctification…

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