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Dear Friends,

We are always receiving e-mails from the directors of the orphanages we help, thanking us and telling us what a difference our support has made in the lives of the children. Naturally, I want to pass on their thanks on to you. So below I’ve pasted a few excerpts from recent correspondence. In some cases, I’ve added a little explanation to their words within brackets. But I haven’t fixed any broken English. As you read, feel good! You are putting smiles on many faces!

From the Director of Goshen Orphanage:

We have received the bread [our code name for “money,” as the Myanmar government monitors e-mails] you sent us and we are very thankful to you. May the Lord bless you more. When we were no money for marketing [we had no money to go to the market to buy food] , the bread [money] come to us and the children were very happy and praise for the Lord who love them. I wish you see the face of the children when they receive the bread from you….May the Lord stretch out upon you and shine his face upon you always.

From the Director of Shalom Children’s Home:

….absolutely we can’t live without your support. We are just like the net go (dive) in to the water to catch the fish, but you are a string holder. Without your help and support the children surely will die in to the water without any help from any one. It’s means you save the life of the children from dying….Through your help and support the children are now becoming fat in physically and grow in mentally and spiritually. So, now the children are so happy for what they eat and for what they wear.

From the Director of Faith Orphanage:

You are always in our prayer. Recently we received again the bread [money] from you. Thank you so much for being helping for us. This help from you enable us to be a boy and a girl among the other. Now we are almost forgetting that we are an orphan. [Orphan children are stigmatized for being so poor in Myanmar, but the children of Faith Orphanage are so blessed that they don’t feel like orphans any more.] “Praise God.” He did it.

From the Director of Peace Orphanage:

My family and all of your children from Peace Orphanage are well and happy. But one of our orphan, DuhHniang, suffering from fever since one month back. On 20th February we have a special cheekup at civil hospital and the doctor found that she is bearing tuberculosis (T.B) Due to the lack of money we could not treat her in time as we like.

I am so glad to receive this gift from you for we now be able to give her a special treatment. God will bless the money for her healing and must be alright soon. Please pray for her too.

Finally, from a new orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, that has just started receiving some monthly support because a few of the children there have been sponsored:

Thank you for your kindness. We sent thank letters to you. We got money for food from you. We are very grateful to you….When I told children about your kindness, they are very cheerful and they danced with so much laughters. And we all pray for you and we praise the Lord. Please do not mind about my poor English writing. We know you sent the money to a very far place.

Next month I’ll have some more of these letters to share. As always, thanks for your compassion.

For the children,


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