Picture of challenging mountainous terrain in Nepal
Nepal contains some of the world’s most challenging terrain, making travel to remote villages very difficult and often dangerous

Danger Ahead

How you’ve made it possible to reach more of the unreached in Nepal

Dear Family,

Of the 40 countries I have visited in my mission career, Nepal is near the top for most beautiful, most open to the gospel…and most dangerous when it comes to its mountain roads. Navigating these treacherous byways requires nerves of steel. To make matters worse, nearly a third of the population cannot afford a car, so they ride small, cheaply-made motorcycles, which only adds to the road’s chaos—and danger.

Although I often view motorcycles on Nepal’s roads as two-wheeled death traps, for Simon (a national missionary sponsored by Heaven’s Family) they are an indispensable blessing. You see, motorcycles are the easiest way to navigate narrow mountain roads and miles of washed-out terrain. This form of transportation enables missionaries like Simon to reach villages that have never heard the name of Jesus. In fact, next to the Bible, a reliable motorbike may be the most useful tool that a disciple-maker has in Nepal.

Simon has been riding these treacherous roads for 10 years, preaching the gospel in the ripe harvest fields wherever he goes. Through his work, along with our other Nepal missionary team members, many churches have been planted, hundreds of believers have been baptized, and scores of disciple-makers have been trained to equip the next generation of believers.

But after years of faithful service, Simon’s motorbike has been completely worn out, requiring weekly—and sometimes daily—repairs.

As a result of incredible donors like you, the National Missionary Ministry recently purchased Simon a brand new motorcycle (photo below). Simon’s response was one of overwhelming joy. He sees the incredible opportunity ahead of him as he is now able to reach new villages with his message of hope.

Picture of missionary in Nepal with new motorbike
Nepal contains some of the world’s most challenging terrain, making travel to remote villages very difficult and often dangerous

In my 10-year experience of managing mission projects in Nepal, I believe Simon is one of the most fruitful evangelists I have ever met. This gift was not part of a missionary wish list but a necessary tool that directly impacts souls for the Kingdom. Thank you for providing this blessing!

With a grateful heart,

David Promise
Director of Ministry Partnerships, National Missionary Ministry

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