Daring Work in Myanmar

Picture of Refugees in Myanmar
Refugees in Myanmar hide from the army under a large tree

Daring Work in Myanmar

You’ve provided a lifeline for endangered children on the Thai border

Dear Family,

Myanmar has been a place of danger since the military coup of February 2021. Reportedly, the military has even dropped bombs on some innocent villages. Several hundred deaths have been reported, and many villagers are living in the woods because it is not safe to remain in their homes. Our inside sources say the death toll is much higher than what news reports estimate.

Recently, we sent a team to the Thai-Myanmar border. They visited a children’s home that was caring for 25 children between age 10 and 15. Another 25 were expected soon. These kids are among the approximately 115,000 refugees at the Thai-Myanmar border, worsening a crisis that has gone on for decades.

The children were brought to these camps to be safe from the danger in their villages and to receive schooling. They are afraid, shy and overwhelmed due to being separated from their family members, some of whom are missing and feared dead. Three of our indigenous coworkers crossed the border into Myanmar to bring food and supplies to a children’s camp that rescues children from the war-torn areas of Myanmar and provides food and shelter for them. The staff members are Christian and share the gospel with the kids. They have had to split the children into multiple groups, so that if the Myanmar army drops bombs they won’t kill all the children at once.

Through your giving to the Heaven’s Family Unreached People Groups Ministry, you’ve helped provide bedding for 46 children, delivered rice supplies to every camp on the Thai-Myanmar border, gave a Bible training school 180 Bibles in their own language, and trained believing students in how to share Bible stories with others.

Picture of Children in Myanmar
Some of the children you’ve helped with bedding, food and Bibles

In the midst of tragedy, lives are being eternally transformed. Thank you for your making this possible!

Director of the Unreached People Groups Ministry

Todd Matthews

Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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