Getachew took a “selfie” to show you where he does his translation work

David Who?

Authoring a world-renowned book…almost

Dear Friends,

The author of The Disciple Making Minister, David Servant, and I have a lot in common. We share the same first name, obviously, and we both work for Heaven’s Family. But we also both wear glasses, and have strikingly dark, thick hair. This can sometimes cause confusion when corresponding with people overseas whom neither of us have met in person.

Getachew lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and recently received the English version of the book, The Disciple Making Minister, from his brother in Christ, Mekonnen. He was greatly impressed after reading it, and realized the importance of its message. He also felt a great desire to translate the book into his mother tongue, Amharic, for the benefit of the body of Christ in Ethiopia.

When I asked Getachew why he wanted to translate the book, he said “I got the Disciple Making Ministry book, which was written by Brother David Warnock. I like it because it is a very important tool to use it to make disciples and teach others.” Though I wish I could take credit for writing such an inspiring book, I had to correct Getachew’s mistake, one which was certainly understandable—and a tad bit humorous. Nevertheless, after discovering Getachew’s experience as a translator, we decided to hire him to translate TDMM into Amharic. Below is a sample of his work…

Amharic is the mother tongue of about 25 million people, and is the official language of Ethiopia. That is a lot of disciples to be made! I’m excited to equip Amharic-speaking pastors with this book in their own language.

Thank you for helping us reach the Amharas people—a goal you’ve helped us reach by your generous gifts in 2015. Don’t be too surprised if someday in heaven one of them walks up and thanks you for making it possible!

David Warnock
Director, Books for Discipleship Ministry

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