Dead Body Softens Hard Hearts

25 Jul

Dead Body Softens Hard Hearts

Jaswind Das spreading the seed of the gospel on fertile soil in Tambala Village

Dear Friends,

Jaswind Das is a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary serving in northern India. Before coming to know the Lord, Jaswind had been a devoted worshiper of Shiva, one of the primary forms of god in Hinduism. After surrendering to Christ, Jaswind committed himself to reaching Tambala, a nearby village filled with devout Shiva worshippers whose streets are lined with temples to their “supreme god.” (For the safety of believers in this story, Jaswind Das and Tambala are not real names.)

In Tambala Village there are also many homeless and poor people. A couple weeks ago one of the homeless men, an alcoholic who didn’t get along with anyone, died and his body lay in the street for nearly 6 hours because no villager was willing to touch him.

Jaswind, filled with compassion, encouraged some of the believers from his church to help him give the dead man a proper burial.

Perplexed by the kindness of the Christians, many Hindu and Sikh villagers—who would normally have been persecuting the believers—thanked Jaswind for burying the poor, homeless drunkard.

Amazed by this unexpected openness, Jaswind is excited about the new possibilities of impacting these previously hostile and hard-hearted villagers with the gospel. Please join with Jaswind and his flock in praying for more opportunities to preach the Good News to the 5,000 people of Tambala.

Jaswind, at left, standing with some of the glorious fruit of his labors: a group of freshly baptized believers

Before Jaswind arrived in Tambala, not a single Christian lived in the village. Now he pastors a thriving house church of dozens of new believers (13 more were baptized last week), many of whom were saved as a result of miraculous healings or deliverances from demons or drug addictions.

Jaswind has suffered much persecution and many beatings, but knows it’s worth it to see lives radically transformed by the Holy Spirit. I’m so thankful that God is giving you and I the privilege of playing a small part in His incredible work in that corner of the world.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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